Summer Pink Plaid Ruffle Dress

The world has changed dramatically over the past few Summer Pink Plaid Ruffle Dress with travel restrictions and lockdowns across most major cities. What steps have you taken to keep yourself safe during this coronavirus pandemic?

Athina: Yes, our world is different now and to have super productions such as Lord of skies 7, where a crew of 50 went to film in Greece, will be difficult to repeat for now. We will see significant changes. As president Marcos Santana of Telemundo International Studios/NBC explained to me, there will be strict rules and instruction about working on a set, limit of people, camera guys with masks, fewer actors, more technology instead of people on set, food precautions, no kissing, temperature taking regularly and, and so on. It will be a huge challenge where we will have to reinvent many things. Everything will be affected and it will push us to be even more creative. Our Lifestyle has changed. I myself always loved to be fit & eat healthy and work with alternative therapists all the time. Never ever has it been more important than now to know how to have a strong immune system. I think we learned a lot these past few Beach Tunic — Navy Blue and have to go on being informed. We have to be health practitioners, health gurus, and reporters all at once. Good hygiene, good vibes, taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, having the correct information about all, is vital now.

MODE: How do you manage to keep your creative plans going when you are on lockdown like everyone else?

Athina: From a young age martial arts taught me about discipline. It is so important for our children to teach them exercise, music and other activities. I start the day exercising now at home, I show some of my techniques in my Instagram account. Then I cook some healthy food to have the nutrients I want…and do many of the things I like which you can read in my Mini Backless Dress — Gold . I also enjoy my two Chihuahuas Roma & Juliette.

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