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What genre of movies have you enjoyed working on the Shop Womens Dresses?
Antonella: From an early age I have always been fascinated by thriller, horror films, but who could have imagined that I would be involved in it and be defined by the press as “the queen of horror” with the record of deaths on the set; they say that means you extend life, so we will see each other often. I worked among others with Lamberto Bava in “The Torturer”, Giacomo K. Cimini in “Red Riding Hood”, “The Night of the Sinner”, acting alongside one of my myths like Robert Englund aka Freddy Kruger in Nightmare. In short, many satisfactions and many dreams yet to come true, at this moment I feel particularly suitable for the brilliant comedies and the romantic comedies in the style of Garry Marshall.

MODE: The coronavirus has slowed down the activities of most industries including movie and theatre productions. How has it affected your plans and what have you been doing in the Floral Short Casual Print Dress?
Antonella: From one moment to the next we found ourselves encapsulated in a glass bell with the sole aim of having to protect ourselves from an invisible and unpredictable enemy. Initially we had all underestimated the danger and continued to work but the lockdown was necessary and very useful. I was in Monaco / Monte Carlo hosting an international film fest dedicated to films on peace, non-violence and human rights, I was in contact with artists from all over the world and, for the most part, Japanese and Chinese so full of good values and enlightened in their way of wanting to give new inspirations in the direction of the common good. The magic of those moments overcame collective fear. I went back home to Rome and, after a few days, the lockdown took place in Italy. My feelings were so confused and in contrast with each other, I kept firm my usual positive disposition that brought out the right strength to be able to calm others even if, I confess, behind this firm armor there was so much fear, uncertainty, emotion due to the continuous attacks by the media that gave in real time the data of the contagion totally out of control. Moment after Moment, the situation seemed to worsen without a margin of ascent and all this, even if we wanted to deny it, internally isolated us even more than social Casual Oversized Pleated Chic Dress.

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