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In the new TV show you play the role of Greek born CIA agent “Athina” and take part in an Sexy Sequin Maxi Party Dress action fueled adventure. What preparations did you have to make in order to tackle this role?

Athina: The producer Marcos Santana and writer & creator Luis Zelkovics from Telemundo International Studios/NBC decided to leave my real name Athina, believing it was perfect for the role. Athina is Greek and an ex CIA agent who studied in Europe where she met the main cast actor Amado Leal, brother of Aurelio Casillas, played by Matias Novoa. Amado himself being an ex CIA agent as well finds himself taking over the drug business of his powerful Elegant Dark Blue Ruffle Dress and on who’s life the series was based. Aurelio Casillas is the big boss of the cartel de Juarez but now is in a coma so Amado takes over. So to play this role of “Athina” in this environment I really worked hard with trainer Derek Dozouglu from Martial arts school RD Camma and stunt Juan Bofill in Miami and then the great stunts in Mexico & Greece. Martial arts, shooting, kick boxing and Greek dancing was my day to day for months and I loved it.

How has your playing “Athina” in this new TV series affected your life and already busy schedules? Has it opened additional avenues of opportunity in acting that you might explore in the future

Athina: Absolutely. I think with this one I nailed it and it Sweet Yellow Ruffle Dress me not only more popularity, it also transformed me as an actress with a new voice now and also it is quite funny when people call you by your real name.

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