Sexy One Shoulder Ruffle Evening Party Dress — Burgundy

We know that fashion, modelling and Sexy One Shoulder Ruffle Evening Party Dress — Burgundy have been an integral part of your life for a long time but you seem to have taken things to an even more exciting level with your new regular role in the TV show “Lord of the Skies” which is now on Netflix. How did your involvement in this show come about?

Athina: I always watched it and loved this so popular action TV series, one of the most famous Spanish speaking series ever shot, next to ¨La Reina Del Sur” with 500 episodes. When president of Telemundo International Studios and producer of the series, Marcos Santana, called me to let me know that they had decided to offer me an important surprise role in season 7 I was Tweed Plaid Patchwork Office Dress — Black, more so when I learned that apart from filming for four months in Mexico, we would film in Greece (Mykonos, Athens) as well. Telemundo International Studios NBC was envisioning to expand the saga to other countries and give it even more of a real touch. To be part of this incredible cast and doing action stuff such as kick boxing, martial arts, dancing altogether, speaking Greek, English & some French as well, was the definition of a dream come true. Yes, now many friends & fans can watch it on Sexy One Shoulder Ruffle Evening Party Dress — White.

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