Long Sleeve Floral Casual Dress

The external scenery was surreal. I remembered shooting a series on the style of “The walking dead”, sometimes during the night I dreamed that I was still on the set hoping that what we were experiencing was just my nightmare but at times the reality exceeds fantasy and then you have to activate all your cognitive skills to survive, especially Long Sleeve Floral Casual Dress. The ability of the human being to activate and bring out their talent when under pressure is impressive, so I decided to follow my dynamic nature and also the words of the Pope who tried to instil courage in the world and who underlined “despite this period of uncertainty and blockade, don’t waste these days.” So I reinforced myself, day after day, with the strength of gratitude to be safe and sound and to protect my loved ones, and I engaged myself in all those backlog jobs that for the usual races and trips I kept postponing, so I did smart working, reading books, studying scripts, new scripts. I also did some live readings like “The Divine Comedy” by the great Dante Alighieri. in short, I took Two Color Long Sleeve Casual Dress in culture but not only as food for thought but also good food that I cooked while singing and dancing to give joy first of all to myself and then to all my loyal followers who follow me in all the stories on Instagram. So I was happy that also some doctors, before going to work in the hospital every early morning, told me that I was an inspiration to keep going, keep fighting the virus and to expect good fortune! Surely the world of entertainment has been one of the most penalized sectors because the shows are done live and with an audience, the theatres must be forcibly closed, without even thinking about cinema where it was also not possible to go to. Also if you want to shoot a new film it becomes extremely difficult to imagine social distancing between actors since acting is based on physical contact and feeding off action/reaction that would be unnatural with a distance. The film and TV industry is changing in the direction of the new rules, meanwhile it will be necessary to sanitize every single corner of a set, all the professionals and workers must be rigorous with the new general codes, all the rules of hygiene, and of course this will make the whole wonderful movie machine move with a little more slowness, but all of us as artists feel even more privileged and even more useful precisely because in this period of quarantine, everyone has taken refuge in the escapism and emotions that only a good film can give you. I see my artistic future in a proactive way, we all have a great desire to express now, after having internalized these conflicting feelings for months and we will return to review the stars, as the Great Dante Alighieri wrote in his days, certainly more strong, more aware of knowing how to V Neck Long Sleeve Elegant Casual Knitted Dress every single aspect of daily life and also, if possible, more creative than ever, just as happened in the post-war period with Neorealism and the great flowering of cinema and all the arts.

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