Leather Dress Long Sleeve

Athina we are so happy to have you grace the cover of Mode Lifestyle Magazine once again and we are sure our readers will equally excited to see you in the amazing creations of Miami based Leather Dress Long Sleeve designer Anastasio Giannoutsos. What did you find most unique about the wonderful designs during the editorial photo shoot?

Athina: When I saw this beautiful cover I said, ” oh my goodness what a great picture and how you guys manage to put us artists always in the best ways. I really had so much fun shooting for this edition that I was almost worried with excitement for the outcome…hahaha. I really enjoyed the photoshoot and all the intimate team. I worked with Anastasio Giannoutsos on several occasions in the past, for example in my fashion market called “AthinaDivina” at the beautiful Miami Design District in Miami where we had several designers showing, and with him being the leader it was there I fell in Women’s Sweatshirt Dress With Pockets — Pink with his creations: So Miami and yet universal.

Since the Fashion Market I have started to wear many of his amazing designs. For this photoshoot we wanted to create something unique and very me. Being an international of Greek descent born in Germany, also quite Latina, and who lived all over, I very much adore ideas based on ancient dressing and loved the harness he created and the jumpsuits. So we envisioned for this edition some of these things but wanted to take it to the next level. I had not seen the finished designs until the day of the shoot and was impressed when I saw his proposal. I loved them. Also I always wanted to work with photographer Jesus Marcano. Together with make up artist Mariela Bagnato and editor in chief Alexander Michaels we had an amazing photoshoot. Elegant Tweed Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Women Mini Dress with Alexander Michaels makes you laugh all day and the week after, he is such a special spirit and working together with him is always a wonderful outcome.

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