Casual Floral Dress — Blue Flower

You have started using Instagram Live as a way to keep in contact with your fans. As someone who is very social and used to Casual Floral Dress — Blue Flower with people in real life, what have you experienced as the benefits and drawbacks of using the social media platform?

Athina: Instagram Live has been a great tool for feeling connected with friends and fans. It brought us together and makes communicating so direct. I have done several and really love it, but of course I miss hugging my friends. I have been doing more castings now than ever due to the changes, and castings are made now at home with a phone and posted. We actors are used to staying home to study our lines. Also my philanthropic work for The Miami Symphony is now through Zoom & conference calls.

We note that MISO has unfortunately had to cancel many of its Chiffon Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress because of the lockdown due to the coronavirus. How has this impacted the work you and your team are doing to promote the orchestra and what are the plans going forward?

Athina: Yes, like all others, we had to cancel and go with the flow. We understood that many things had to be reinvented and not only in the classical world of music. Music is a powerful tool and helps people to get into a higher frequency which is so important. We have to go high, high with a new Blue Backless Sundress & become very conscious.

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